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" C E R A M I C - S U R F A C E - R E F L E C T I O N S "


Elisa Strozyk


Glazing clay is one of the oldest techniques to decorate products of everyday life. I developed a specific process to apply the glazes. The process of firing transforms the liquid suspension of metal oxides and powdered minerals into various glass-like surface-finishes. For the „ceramic-surfaces“ different liquid glazes pool and mix together under the influence of rotation and blown air to leave traces of fluid movement and smoke-like patterns which are solidified in the heat of the kiln. The finished surfaces show traces of gravitiy, colours flow and collide.

The project results in a range of objects, where the ceramic surfaces merge with functional surfaces, which are mirrors and wooden shelves. Some are wall-objects where two round surfaces overlap and the contrasting materials are placed to each other in dialogue. Another part of the collection are standing mirrors on ceramic surfaces. The surface and it's projected image form a new pattern of symmetry, the real and unreal become one new surface.



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